Heroes Of Riversung

Rats, foiled again.

Creoso, mellonamin

Welcome my friends to the first adventurer log for Heroes of Riversung. When we started we found our heroes gathered in the town of Riversung a small village with a water mill for grain production (the town’s main export) and a bard trade school. Many who reside here seem to be the bards attending the trade school, former bards, and ‘heroes’ once celebrated whom have returned to the town to settle down. Our heroes of today have gathered for a small deed arranged by Bacchus the town mayor and keeper/founder of the bard college. (Gather information or knowledge local for more info.)

Aerwyn, the elf barkeep of the Alespun Song, the tavern of Riversung. Was looking for participants in the new ‘Hero deed festival’. It seems a few rats in the cellar were causing a ruckus with the good taverns goods and reputation. First to approach was our good elf ranger Helios whom was advised to find companions. When the two allies appeared the party made quick work of the rats (Probably due to a max of 1 damage and pitiful BAB) and were congratulated.

HAIL! To our new Heroes of Riversung, Baccus will see you in a moment, wherever that oaf is.

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